Swim Life Inc

Infant & Toddler Survival Swim Lessons

Designed for children six months to four years old, Swim Life specializes in custom swim lessons for each student's needs and the goals of each parent. Using a gentle, fun approach, we consider each student's learning style, emotional needs, physical abilities and skill level. Our instructors provide the safest, most effective, individualized lessons for every student.

Swim Life lessons offer a unique, holistic approach to swimming utilizing toys and games, and honoring the physical, cognitive and emotional development and well being of every student. Parents choose to participate in lessons or to remain poolside. The learning experience should be as enjoyable as possible for both child and parent!


We Believe:

Everyone should learn to swim. Learning at an early age makes swimmers safer in and around the water and they tend to enjoy water activities throughout their lives. Learning to swim can improve a child's physical, intellectual and emotional development as well as build coordination, self confidence and social skills. As a family activity, swimming can be enjoyed safely once children are skilled. Swimming as a family can create wonderful memories and provide an abundance of bonding opportunities. Flotation devices are not a substitute for supervision or skills and should never be relied upon for a child's safety in the water. Even skilled swimmers cannot be considered “drownproofed.” A multi-layered approach is the best way to prevent drowning. Supervision, alarms, fencing, water watcher program, learn to swim, know CPR! Consistent participation in developmentally appropriate lessons builds successful, confident and happy swimmers for life.

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Infant & Toddler Swim Course Information:

Basic Training: 3-14 months

Students six to 14 months old learn to swim face-down briefly and then turn over and float independently. Students 15 months and up learn to swim face down, independently turn over and float, and go back to a face-down swim.

The cost of these lessons are $80 a week

WEEKLY TUITION IS PAID AT CHESAPEAKE BAY DIVING & AQUATICS. There is a SEPARATE registration fee of $55 that goes directly to Swim Life. Once you decide to sign up, your instructor will send you the registration link.

Beyond Basic Training

Once independent swimming and floating are learned, skill maintenance lessons for your child are imperative! A maintenance schedule is recommended to preserve and strengthen skills as your child grows. Toys, games and parent interaction are incorporated in in these lessons.


Maintenance Lessons

Maintenance lessons are $14 a day. The schedule is determined by your individual needs. Maintenance swims keep skills fresh consistently after initial lessons. These are conducted on a weekly or biweekly schedule. Maintenance lessons are not refreshers.

Refresher Lessons

Refresher lessons are $70 a week. These lessons apply to the Swim Life-skilled child who has been out of the water for some time.

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All students must attend class Monday-Thursday, 10 minutes each day for four to six weeks.

All students who are not potty trained must wear two reusable swim diapers. These are available for purchace at  Chesapeake Bay Diving Aquatic Center. Huggies and pampers swim diapers are not permitted.

***If you miss class due to a vacation, you are still responsible for payment of missed lessons. Additionally, your child will receive a modified skill set. We do not provide “make up” lessons. By signing up for a session you agree to these terms.

***The Swim Life program strongly encourages independent swimming without the use of water wings, puddle jumpers and any other item that will place your child in a vertical body posture (excluding a life vest when required).

About the Infant/Toddler Instructors:

Kim Doczi Schwartz has taught survival swim lessons for 12 years. She has been an instructor trainer for three years and was a former WSI instructor. She has trained over 700 students in the Tidewater area. Mindy Ambrose has taught survival swimming for nine years, teaching at least 500 swimmers. She is also a special education teacher in a local Virginia Beach elementary school and is perusing her master’s degree in special education. Both Kim and Mindy have psychology degrees in addition to their specialty swimming certifications. Dive Quarters looks forward to fulfilling all of your aquatic needs. To be placed on the next upcoming session for Swim Life
please email  kimds2984@gmail.com

No child should ever be considered drown-proof, regardless of skills.